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Whats is Voscrow

voscrow has is a crypto base company that tells people that we will invest your money in crypto If you invest 500$, they will give you 4.25% every week  They will give you money because they will invest your money in crypto and the profit they make will be shared with you


How to earn money from Voscrow

Voscrow is based on a crypto blockchain iff you invest in a voscrow like you invest in 500$ and thay  return you every weak 4.5% off your amount  and there is a one other mode to earn more money  by referral people just think iff you invest in 1000$ in voscrow you already getting the return off your % but iff you referral any two people and they also invest money in voscrow you will get 10% off this amount


Voscrow/Korvio Full Plan

There are so many plans are available in voscrow every plan have different investment and different amounts voscrow have total 5 play and there are only two most using play 1st one is a basic and and 2nd is premium every plan have a different return but the all plan have a save lock period

Plan Name Amount Per Week Matching income Lock period
Basic 100$ 4% 10% 21Days
Ultra 500$ 4.25% 10% 21Days
Premium 1000$ 4.5 10% 21Days
Professional 5000$ 5% 10% 21Days
Master 10000$ 5.5% 10% 21Days

How to Withdraw money from Voscrow

If you want to withdraw your money from voscrow you just need a korvio wallet they automatic withdraw every weak if you want to withdraw in rupees than ask your friend who invite you they help you to withdraw

How to invest in voscrow

There are not so many way to invest in voscrow you to go there website and sign up and buy the one of this plan with you want if you have a good investment than go for a good plan because there all plan have a different return make sure before investing in this type website you full research on this think there are so many online scam are website 1st full research and then invest

Is This voscrow is a scam

I don’t know about its this is scam or not but I research on this website and M not found anythink good on internet because this is a online base currency and nothing no internet its just a some videos on youtube and nothing more I think this is a big scam going on internet I request you before investing on this please do some research on it this is your money they are no easy way to earn lot of money


Voscrow login

1st go on VOSCROW login enter your user name and password than you are login Successfuly

Voscrow reviews one some one

this review by someone don’t trust this VOSCROW: Hello Friends, As I mentioned previously, One of my friends has invested in it. I will be sharing all the updates on a Weekly basis(bcoz its a weekly system) what I will get from my friend. In VOSCROW, One can Invest $100, $500, $1000, $5000, $10000. Rate of Interest on different investments are in below Image

As My friend has invested $1000 in it, I will be able to give you calculations for $1000 investment only.

  • The day1 of the investment starts from the First Saturday after you make a deposit ie If you Deposit on Monday or on Friday, the Day1 will start from Saturday only.
  • There will be a lockin period of 21 days i.e. No income for the first 21days.
  • Whatever will be the weekly income(a max. of $1000*2= $2000 will be deposited in the whole year), that will be split in 2 wallets(after deducting fee of 5%
    of the amount getting deposted in your USD Wallets) i.e. USD Wallet1(60%) and USD Wallet2(40%) .
  • Every Saturday, Ones Weekly Income will get deposited in 60:40 in USD Wallet1 and USD Wallet2 respectively.
  • The Income that will be deposited in Wallet1 every Saturday, is sent to your KRO Crypto Wallet that will deposit in your wallet by Monday or Tuesday in the
    form of KRO Coins as per the rate of KRO that day(Monday or Tuesday).
  • But from USD Wallet2(40%), Only 20% of Wallet2 amount will be sent to your KRO Wallet, that too, after every 15days.
  • The KRO Coins that are deposited in your KRO Crypto Wallet, Can be converted to BTC any time.
  • The KRO present in your KRO Crypto Wallet, can be redeemed in your Bank Account at any time one wants.

My friend invested on this, on 21MAY,2021

Status of his Wallets on May21,2021
USD Wallet1= $0
USD Wallet2= $0
KRO Crypto Wallet= 0 coins
Rate of KRO= $7/coin


Status of his Wallets on Date: 12/06/2021
Got his First Income of VOSCROW after completion of 21days of LockIn. His current status is
USD Wallet1= $25.65 (Will get converted into coins by 14June)
USD Wallet2= $17.1
KRO Crypto Wallet= 0 coins (Will get updated to 3.664 coins at rate of $7/coin)
Rate of KRO= $7/coin
Image of Wallet1:

KRO Coin Price History.
KRO price increase every month.
22.04.20 KRO 0.70$
05.05.20 KRO 0.72$
05.06.20 KRO 0.74$
14.06.20 KRO 0.76$
27.06.20 KRO 0.78$
19.07.20 KRO 0.82$
04.09.20 KRO 0.86$
03.10.20 KRO 0.88$
24.10.20 KRO 0.90$
29.11.20 KRO 0.92$
08.12.20 KRO 0.94$
27.12.20 KRO 0.96$
19.01.21 KRO 0.98$
04.02.21 KRO 1.00$
18.02.21 KRO 1.25$
09.03.21 KRO 1.50$
16.03.21 KRO 3.00$
30.03.21 KRO. 3.50$
12.04.21 KRO 4.00$
04.05.21 KRO. 5.50$
17.05.21 KRO 7.00$
24.06.21 KRO. 7.50$

22.aug.2021 KRO 13$


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